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Professionals and beginners alike can improve their vocal health, knowledge, technique, stage deportment and confidence through vocal lessons.  If you wish to pursue a professional career, aspire to perform major roles in high school productions, or aspire simply to be a better choir or chorus member, please call Dr. Hagerman for a conversation about private lessons for singing  and scheduling.

Private voice lessons take place weekly. Payment is due at the first lesson of the month for the number of lessons that month.  One lesson per month may be rescheduled.  Lessons will be rescheduled only once.

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30 minute lesson:$40
45 minute lesson:$55
60 minute lesson:$75

Teaching hours:
Monday through Friday, days and evenings
(856) 428-0272

What will I do during a voice lesson?
In general, the first part of the lesson will be spent on exercises that will improve your technical skills, and will allow you to increase your range, flexibility, breathing capacity, and confidence of what your voice will do in performance.  The rest of the lesson will be spent on applying those skills learned during the exercises to a piece of music chosen jointly with Dr. Hagerman to enhance your growth as a singer. Call today to get more information about voice lessons in NJ.

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